Our Products

With the use of cellular polycarbonate, Architectural Daylighting is able to achieve superior thermal performance to glass with high quality diffused natural light. R values range from 3.0 to over 5! U values can go as low as .14. Light transmission from 30-66%. Where vision is needed, glass panels may be inserted into Arch Day’s systems.

Cellular polycarbonate does not yellow or delaminate like FRP Sandwich panel systems. So, in 10 years, your project will look as impressive as the day it was finished. Ask Architectural Daylighting for weathering studies and test reports proving the longevity of cellular polycarbonate.

Translucent Walls:

Architectural Daylighting’s Translucent Wall Assemblies are often used as Curtain Walls, Storefronts, Clerestory windows, High Bay windows, as Hangar Doors and even as custom facades. Ranging from 20mm flat sheets to our standard 40mm Tongue and Groove (60mm available for special projects), Arch Day’s systems provide high insulating values, natural daylighting and easy installation on any type of building. U values as low as .14 and R values near 6 are available! Systems are Class A, CC1 fire rated and superior Air/Water/Structural Testing is available. Learn More!


Our 16mm, 20mm and 25mm translucent canopies adorn hotels, medical facilities and transit stations across the country. Single slope, arched, or custom, Architectural Daylighting canopies are superior because of our unique integrated gasketing, which blocks moisture penetration. Our systems also include factory drilled weep holes for moisture removal. Custom colors add to the endless possibilities. Learn More!


Architectural Daylighting LLC began as a polycarbonate skylight company back in 1986. Skylights have been a staple of our product line ever since! From 16mm to 40mm panels, barrel vault to single slope, Arch Day will custom design and pre-fabricate a system to fit your project. On time and within budget. Learn More!


From Light Shades, curtain walls with polycarbonate and vision glass, and flat sheet bus shelters that others said couldn’t be done, Architectural Daylighting presents a yes-we-can attitude. Have an interesting application or unique project? Our on-staff designers and fabricators will work with you for proper design and budgets. Learn More!